خلاصه ای از مطالب


سازمان بنادر و دریانوردی کشور

مدیر تیم زیرساخت و شبکه 



  • Providing training to employees on new technology as needed
  • Coordinating with other departments within the organization to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget
  • Managing employee performance to ensure that productivity goals are being met
  • Participating in strategic planning sessions to discuss goals for the department or company as a whole
  • Managing department budgets to ensure that resources are being used efficiently
  • Developing and implementing new technology solutions for the business as needed
  • Establishing and enforcing rules and policies for the department or company as a whole
  • Reviewing employee performance reports to identify areas of weakness that need improvement
  • Managing the recruiting process to fill positions within the department as needed

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